Culture impacted to different degrees by the Covid-19 crisis in the Paris Region

Note rapide Economy, #46

08 July 2021ContactCarine Camors, Odile Soulard, Cécile le Fillâtre (Insee Île-de-France), Jean-Philippe Martin (Insee Île-de-France), Marina Ribeiro (Atelier parisien d'urbanisme), Sandra Roger (Atelier parisien d'urbanisme)

In the Paris Region, about 310,000 people work in the sector of cultural activities and have therefore been potentially concerned by health restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many cultural areas underwent a very heavy loss of activity during the strict lockdown in spring 2020, but some recovered better than others: the book sector almost completely returned, in early 2021, to its pre-crisis level. inversely, the loss of activity in 2020 was dramatic for the performing arts and music, and persists in early 2021.

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