The digital transformation of the Paris region’s economy

Note rapide Economy, no. 687

09 June 2015ContactChristelle Ayache (Cap Digital), Johanna Castel (Cap Digital), Stéphane Singier (Cap Digital), Carine Camors, Odile Soulard, Daniel Thépin

Digital technology is having a substantial impact on society and economic systems. It is transforming our daily lives as well as the organization of structures and their markets while also questioning how we should organise with a view to building the future. This radical change represents a major opportunity and concerns the entire economy of the Paris region.
Digital technology is no longer just a sector-specific issue. It is already renewing the functioning of a broad spectrum of activities, such as tourism, the media, insurance and commerce, etc. Ultimately, the whole economy will be impacted by this change. Île-de-France, a region where digital start-ups are emerging and which hosts numerous competitiveness clusters, such as Cap Digital or Systematic, the leading national financial marketplace, offers all the resources necessary to the development of these new economic models.

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