Urban agriculture in the Paris region

Thematic map

31 January 2019ContactLaure de Biasi, Antoine Lagneau (ARB), Christine Aubry (UMR SAD-APT Inra/AgroParis Tech), Anne-Cécile Daniel (UMR SAD-APT Inra/AgroParis Tech), Mélanie Collé (Exp'AU/AgroParis Tech)

This cartography provides a first image of urban agriculture in the Paris region. It is not intended to be exhaustive but gives some idea of the diversity and distribution of its various forms. Five forms of urban agriculture are identified, namely: peri-urban farms, community gardens, micro farms, urban greenhouses and indoor systems, individual urban agriculture. Thus, the only peri-urban farms with short supply chains that are shown here are fruit- and vegetable-picking farms and farms that supply the AMAP network (which supports small local farming). Only community gardens with a surface area of over 500 sq. m. are shown. 

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