Urban agriculture at the heart of urban projects: diversity of forms and functions

Note rapide Environment, #22

31 January 2019ContactLaure de Biasi, Christine Aubry (UMR SAD-APT Inra/AgroParis Tech), Anne-Cécile Daniel (UMR SAD-APT Inra/AgroParis Tech), Mélanie Collé (Exp'AU/AgroParis Tech), Antoine Lagneau (ARB)

Today, urban agriculture is present in all urban planning projects in core urban areas. However, it remains a changing, multifaceted and multifunctional reality that raises as many questions as it arouses interest. In this note, L'Institut Paris Region, the ARB îdF and Agroparistech-INRA review the fundamentals of urban agriculture, namely its forms, functions and sustainability. The aim is to gain a better understanding of a subject that is at the crossroads of economic, social, environmental, urban planning, food security etc. issues, and to examine how it meets the challenges facing the towns and cities of today and tomorrow.

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