The challenges encountered in producing an ideal airport area

30 November 2015Contact

First workshop of the Metropolis initiative “How can we produce a sustainable airport area?”

The initiative “How can we produce a sustainable airport area?” proposes, by exchanging experiences, to identify and to transfer the good practices enabling public managers and local decision-takers to create or to develop their airport territories.
This will make it possible to build a common base of good practices in matters of sustainable planning and development, and of access to employment for airport areas, enabling the challenges and issues to be taken better into account in these territories, and enabling appropriate policies to be put in place, in particular in favour of the most fragile populations (young people and women).
The initiative also makes it possible to establish contacts and to work with other metropolises and to find out about the issues related to their airport areas, be they mature or developing. To ensure that the proposals put forward by the group are practical and feasible, the recommendations will be tested on an airport area site that is taking part in the initiative
For the participants, the transfer of experience and the exchange of perspectives enable them to become better acquainted with the various airport areas, and, more generally, to increase their training capacities, and to show the value of the initiatives led by each metropolis. More broadly, the exchanges will also feed into thinking about the prospects for urban development around airport areas up to the horizon of 2050 (in conjunction with Habitat III).
In the longer term, the aim is to improve the surroundings for the residents of airport areas, and to offer a more attractive environment for businesses.

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