Heritage in the Paris region: protecting the rich heritage in the context of sustainable development

Cahiers, no. 130

17 March 2001Contact

History has left its imprint on the Paris region lending profound unity to its rich diversity. Its identity is founded on harmony born from a blend of historical and contemporary beauty, bell towers and villages, glass and concrete, rivers and forests.

A region of "capital" importance in historical, demographic and economic terms, the concentration of state institutions and talent, the Paris region enjoys a wealth of heritage features. It is home to prestigious, universally recognised buildings and a variety of sites and special locations which provide a living historical record, the whole in natural settings of great quality.

Home to capital, the region is also a large urban area whose growth is of vital necessity. We therefore have a duty to protect our rich heritage in the context of sustainable development. People are increasingly aware of this issue and have made a major contribution to the groundswell preservation movement via the initiatives of its institutions, communities and associations.

IAURIF has decided to devote its latest two Cahiers to heritage in the Paris region. The first issue is devoted to defining the concept of heritage in all its forms, the way it has changed over time and those that have worked for its recognition and restoration.

The second volume features concrete examples which illustrate the changing, diverse nature of our heritage comprising fine architectural examples and ordinary buildings, lively districts or fragile natural spaces, landscapes impregnated with culture as well as all those who one a daily basis work to record, manage and bring the heritage in the Paris region to life for us and our children.

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