Grand Paris Sud Key Figures 2020

30 March 2020ContactRenaud Roger


Located at the crossroads of the main road and rail routes in the south of the Paris Region area, Grand Paris Sud is a conurbation made up of 23 municipalities. In terms of population, it is the third largest area in Paris Region with over 350,000 inhabitants.

As part of the development of the Greater Paris metropolitan area, Grand Paris Sud has some major strengths: a scarce but well-developed supply of land; sectors of excellence that have turned Grand Paris Sud into Europe’s top healthcare and innovation hub; a leader in the aerospace sector; a benchmark in digital technology and rototics; a well-preserved living environment; and a yound and active labour pool.

EPA Senart urban development corporation is one of the two main developers of Grand Paris Sud: its mission is town and country planning in cooperation with public and private sector partners. The support provided by EPA Senart accelerates the location and relocation of businesses, enables lead times to be met, while keeping operational risks under control with optimal results. The sustainability of a diversified supply of homes and the development of eco-neighbourhoods, public amenities and spaces are ensured to achieve a balanced and harmonious urban development. This forms part of a responsible and sustainable approach to the Grand Paris Sud agglomeration.

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