Economic challenges in Ile-de-France

Cahiers, no. 124

16 September 1999Contact

In the framework of today’s economic context, employment, the reduction of unemployment and the acquisition of essential skills are among the primary concerns of Paris Region residents.

However, as this decade comes to a close, it is clear that it has not been particularly favourable to our region; like in other regions, there has been continued de-industrialisation, which has led to a reduction in jobs and caused a rise in unemployment. Economic shifts have accentuated the social disparities between different territories, and our research activities are faced with increased competition from other European regions. Our small and medium-sized companies and industrial firms must be supported both in their efforts to capture markets as well as for the implementation of new technologies. Our financial market is crumbling.

This issue of Les Cahiers presents an analysis of the most recent economic and employment data in the Paris region; it distinguishes initiatives, co-operative projects and economic development prospects on a local level and also presents the challenges the Paris region is facing. The proposals set forth help elucidate the commitments that will be made to implement a more coherent and well-adapted policy.

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