Shaping the New York Region in a post-COVID world

11 May 2022ContactPaul Lecroart

2022 marks the centennial of the Regional Plan Association (RPA): for a 100 years now, this pioneer civic organisation has been proactive in the shaping of the New York Tri-State Region. Adopted in 2016, the Fourth Regional Plan to 2040 confronts with big challenges, including health equity, designing streets and neighbourhoods for people, better resilience to crises, reinvesting in infrastructure and fixing dysfunctional institutions.

In the post-Covid recovery context, the 4th Plan is currently being implemented through a range of innovative research and projects built in partnership with various communities, businesses, government and civic leaders.

But how does the RPA eco-system work? How influencial is it really in a fragmented region of 23 million people?

And what could we learn from RPA's long experience for the future of the Paris Metropolitan Region in a fast-changing, post-Covid era?

Tom Wright's conference will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Tom Wright is president and chief executive officer of Regional Plan Association (RPA), the nation’s oldest independent metropolitan research, planning and advocacy organization. A private, non-profit corporation, RPA improves the prosperity, infrastructure, sustainability, health and quality of life of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region by preparing long-range plans and advocating for their implementation.

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