Megacities’ post-COVID planning

The COVID-19 Urban Thinkers Campus - Series #2

07 July 2020ContactÉric Huybrechts

In 1975, there were four "mega-cities", ie urban agglomerations with a population of above 10 million people. By 2030 this number will increase tenfold (43 cities). The COVID-19 pandemic triggers a wave of responses around the world.  A webinar was organized by the MTPA (Metropolitan and Territorial Planning Agencies) along with the Institut Paris Region and in partnership with Metropolis and ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) to initiate action and reflect on key issues on the 3rd of July, 2020. 

Representatives of megacities' Planning Agencies and Departments exchanged their experiences about the impacts and new paradigms raised by the COVID-19 crisis on megacities' planning. The first roundable focused on global networks to support megacities post-covid planning. The panelists were asked three questions during the second roundable :  

  • How COVID crisis shows vulnerabilities on megacities?
  • How COVID crisis changes orientations for large city developments (behavior changes, new focus on policies)?
  • How COVID crisis changes the way to plan megacities?


Organizer : Marianne Malez, Manager of MTPA

Éric Huybrechts, Manager of International Affairs at the Institut Paris Region


  • Brigitte Bariol, General Secretary of MTPA
  • Octavi de la Varga, General Secretary of Metropolis association 
  • Frank Dhondt, General Secretary of Isocarp


  • Jeremy Moses, Director of Housing at New York Regional Plan Association
  • Gabriel Lafranchi, Director of the Environmental City Plan of Buenos Aires
  • Mduduzi Mbada, Head of policy research and advisory service unit in Gauteng Office of the Premier, Gauteng Provincial Government (Johannesburg)
  • Sébastien Chambe, Deputy General Director of the Institut Paris Region

The panelists' presentations

New York City and COVID-19, Moses Gates, Vice President, Housing and Neighborhood Planning, Regional Plan Associate
Buenos Aires Urban Environmental Plan. Participatory planning in COVID-19 era, Gabriel Lafranchi, City of Buenos Aires
How COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on poverty and inequality, Mduduzi Mbada, Head of Policy Research and Advisory Services Unit, Gauteng Office of the Premier
The Growing Gauteng Together 2030 plan, Mduduzi Mbada
Paris Region Post-COVID Planning, Sébastien Chambe, Deputy CEO, L’Institut Paris Region
The objectives and the scopes of the UTC on megacities’ post-covid planning, Éric Huybrechts, senior architect and urban/regional planner, L’Institut Paris Region

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