Sport tourism and events

The customer journey approach

24 January 2023Contact


How to improve the impact of sporting events in your city?

Major sporting events (and others) are a great source of visits. It is therefore essential to foresee the experience of visitors upstream. The methodology we propose is based on the customer journey. We identified for each key stage the role played by experience facilitators (and those to be reinforced) during the stay of two families with different expectations: a Japanese couple in their thirties and a reconstituted family from Nantes of five people, including three children aged 6 to 22 years old.
The analysis of customer journey reveals cross-cutting issues that require global reponses.
Airport, hotel, sporting events, monuments, shopping, leisure, and so on : for each stage, we analyzed the role played by a dozen experience facilitators (transportation, signage, amenities, web applications) to study how some could be better used or enhanced. All the results are presented below in the form of an infographic in order to provide an overview reading of the challenges to be met.


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