World Cities Culture : Key Figures 2015

02 June 2016ContactCarine Camors, Odile Soulard

Following the publication of the World Cities Culture Report 2015, the Intitut Paris Region publishes the main key figures of culture and economy in major world cities. They are used to compare, using common indicators, strengths and opportunities of large cities in terms of supply and cultural attractiveness. The Paris Île-de-France region is well recognized as a leading creative metropolis. Cultural diversity, both in terms of supply and demand, is one of its characteristics. Thus, it features prominently in several areas with 300 cinemas (of which half are arthouse cinemas), 1,100 libraries, 313 museums, 353 theatres, 1,150 art galleries, more than 33,000 concerts, 360 festivals.

The data come from the World Cities Culture Report 2015 conducted by BOP Consulting as part of the international network World Cities Culture Forum. The Institut Paris Region brings expertise on cultural and creative ecosystem, and coordinates the project for the Paris Île-de-France region.

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