The Motion Picture Industry in Los Angeles

01 May 2005ContactCarine Camors

The study, sponsored by the regional Council of the Paris Ile-de-France Region, aims to widen our understanding of Motion Picture Industry in Los Angeles and its challenges in the age of globalization. It was made possible through a partnership with University of California Los Angeles.

The film industry is changing. Indeed, the industry has shifted from mass production to a project-by-project format in which much of the work is done by freelance workers and subcontractors. For one thing, U.S. developed film production is becoming geographically dispersed and now Hollywood has to face this problem known as "runaway productions" (films that were conceptually developed in the US, but filmed somewhere else); production technology is shifting from traditional film to digital media. Ultimately one could wonder if these changes will result in Los Angeles movie industry growing and prospering, or if they present a threat, one that perhaps appropriate state actions could reduce.

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