The digital revolution in the Paris Region

Cahiers, no. 174

08 November 2018Contact

The digital revolution is hitting our towns, cities and way of life by means of big data, e-tourism, smart grids, e-commerce, smart housing, digital town and country planning, e-health, coworking, etc. It is changing the way we work, inhabit, travel, care for our health, and design and experience the urban environment. It also provides new economic opportunities and is a factor of the attractiveness of metropolitan areas. However, for many of us – including planners, elected officials, citizens – it is difficult to realise all the consequences of these multiple transformations for our day-to-day lives and on the areas in which we live. In this issue of Les Cahiers, L'Institut Paris Region calls upon its experts to answer these questions. It shows various facets of a Paris Region which is spontaneously changing through digitalisation. Thanks to concerted action by private initiatives and public policies, this Region could turn into a smart region, for the benefit of all its inhabitants.

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