The challenge of urban cohesion in Europe: update and public policies

Note rapide Population and Lifestyles, no. 412

01 March 2006ContactAnne-Claire Davy, Brigitte Guigou, Mariette Sagot

How should we handle the social segregation which is dividing our most developed European cities ? In answer to this question, the IAU île-de-France conducted a comparative study on social and urban segregation in five European cities : Ile-de-France, Berlin, London, Barcelona and Milan.
Although it is essential to exercise caution when transposing studies conducted in different institutional and socioeconomic contexts, this comparison offers a new perspective on the
steps taken in the Ile-de-France region. The Ile-de-France region has placed the issue of territorial and social inequality, which mainly affects the suburbs, at the very centre of the discussions on the drafting of the regional master plan (SDRIF), in its aim for solidarity.

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International | Urban planning