Paris CDG & Le Bourget Area Key Figures 2019

18 April 2019Contact

Located 30 km north of the center of Paris, the Paris CDG & Le Bourget Area is the leading gateway to the French and European markets. At the heart of Europe’s primary economic region, this area has an exceptional concentration of high quality infrastructure (two international airports, 2 high-traffic highways, exhibition centers, etc.)

The zone’s economy relies on 4 sectors of excellence: airport services, tourism and professional events, transport and logistics, and international trade. The zone has the benefit of several international business leaders and a dense network of SMEs.

The Paris CDG & Le Bourget Area is also a large residential area with an excellent supply of talent in its young and growing population. In this area known for new initiatives and business experimentation, more than 25 major development projects will break ground over the next 15 years, generating tens of thousands of new jobs, and more than 15 billion euros of investments.

Land of international connections, the Paris CDG & Le Bourget Area asserts its identity through a series of key figures with global dimensions.

Edited by Hubstart Paris Region Association, the GIP Emploi Roissy CDG and the Paris Region Urban and Environmental Agency (L'Institut Paris Region), and produced with the DIRECCTE Ile-de-France and the Regional Council with the participation of the monitoring work group at GIP Emploi Roissy. 

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