Major risks in Ile-de-France: planning for prevention

Cahiers, no. 142

31 August 2005Contact

Heatwaves, storms, floods: although three in every four Paris Region residents do not consider they are exposed to risks of natural disasters, the concentration of the population, the growth in urbanisation, and the extent of the economic stakes are making the Paris region increasingly vulnerable to major risks.

Indeed, the existence of such risks should be appraised and taken into account by the various players in planning and development, and should be incorporated upstream into all of the projects. Regulatory changes driven by the will to implement more "sustainable" development are helping to heighten awareness of the problems.

The objective of raising Paris Region to the rank of leading European eco-region will bring this dimension to be written into the future regional master plan. All of the players must mobilise themselves to take account of major risks in all thinks, and to acquaint themselves with and act through new management tools in this field.

Issue no. 138 of Les Cahiers de l'IAU revealed that knowledge of both the natural and the technological risks run was essential to preventing them.

This second part, "planning for prevention" aims to illustrate how major risks can be taken into account.

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