Cultural and festive activities at night in the Paris metropolitan area

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20 February 2020ContactCarine Camors, Odile Soulard

The Paris Region is famous all over the world for its nightlife driven by the vitality of venues open at night. In Paris, after 2am (the legal closing-time of most bars), night-time centralities are concentrated in a few Paris neighbourhoods, such as the Champs-Elysées, Pigalle, Les Halles, Bastille, Oberkampf and quai de la Rapée/Austerlitz. But festive nights have been increasingly driven outside Paris that shifts the frontiers of ‘partying’ by proposing the organisation in the suburbs of alternative and less formatted events where pieces of industrial wasteland provide the breeding-ground for cultural and festive activities such as Saint-Denis, Montreuil, Saint-Ouen, Pantin or Vitry-sur-Seine.

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