The community gardens in the Paris region

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30 September 2018Contact

There are 1,064 community gardens in the Paris region covering a total surface area of 879 hectares. They are divided between: 

  • family gardens (60% of the total number and 80% of the surface area of community gardens in the Paris region) out of a surface area of over 700 hectares, with large allotments (1.2 hectares on average versus 0.8 hectares for all community gardens). There are relatively few of them in Paris and at the heart of the Paris agglomeration but they are widespread in the surrounding urbanised municipalities; 
  • shared gardens (24% of the total number of community gardens out of only 3% of their total surface area i.e. 27 hectares), ten times smaller than family gardens (1,000 sqm per garden on average). They are heavily concentrated in the city of Paris and in its adjoining municipalities, in particular in the north and to the east of the city; 
  • gardens for the purpose of social integration
  • therapeutic gardens
  • gardens that claim to offer group gardening activities (gardens for activists). 

The smallest community garden identified, the Simplon-aux-Champs in the 18th district of Paris, has a surface area of 25 sqm. The largest community garden, the Crosne family garden in the Essonne county, extends over 25 hectares.

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