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02 December 2020ContactCristina Lopez, Odile Soulard

The 41st Meeting of Urban Planning Agencies organized by the ADEUPa (Brest-Brittany Urban Planning Agency) along with the FNAU is taking place in Brest (the western tip of Brittany) on 1 and 2 December 2020. This event is an opportunity for elected representatives, urban planners and architects, researchers to explore and debate in the context of the current health crisis, the city of tomorrow, territorial renewal through industrial innovation, smart cities vs low tech cities, the different forms of commerce, mobility and the objective of ′′zero net soil artificialization", and so on.


On the occasion of this meeting, the Institut Paris Region is making a presentation on low-tech solutions: 

  • Providing low-tech solutions to the local context: a propitious synergy


Institutional websites


ADEUPA adeupa-brest.fr
The French network of urban planning agencies (FNAU)  www.fnau41.fr

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