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24 March 2017ContactVincent Gollain

In March 2017 L'Institut Paris Region organised an authors' conference with Greg Clark  and Tim Moonen to present :A Short History of Global Cities and World Cities And Nation States. Their presentation was followed by a debate with the participants.

A Short History of Global Cities

From Athens and Rome in ancient times to New York and Singapore today, a handful of cities have stood out as centers of economic, military, cultural or political power. In the 21st century, the number of globalizing cities is greater than ever before, as new technologies and shifting geo-politics enable more cities to attract global talent and capital support advanced industries, and achieve global recognition and influence. Much more than an historical review, Clark’s book looks to the future, examining the new waves that are transforming cities around the world and forecasts emerging challenges that global cities will face.

World cities and Nation States

The second book, co-authored with Dr Tim Moonen, addresses the changing relationships between World Cities and Nation States and argues against the current orthodoxy that we are living in a ‘new era of City States’, proposing instead that less than 1% of cities have the powers of states and that they must negotiate with National Governments much better to achieve the tools required to deliver the promise of global urbanisation.

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Greg Clark gave some advices for the Competitiveness Profile of the Paris Region’s Economy published in November 2016.

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